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Early this morning….. 

Early this morning I went for a run past this signpost in Swaziland…… 

Posted by: thewaspes | July 23, 2016

Last Saturday afternoon and evening…. 

Last Saturday afternoon we celebrated the most wonderful groom, stunning bride and beautiful couple of Beth and Pete Collison… 

Posted by: thewaspes | July 23, 2016

Early last Saturday 

Last Saturday I went for an early morning run past this signpost…..

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2016 visit

Just 3 weeks today we’ll be landing in thr UK for our annual visit.  This time it is made even more crazy and special by the fact that my sister is getting married!!

We have a couple of events organised which we’d love to invite you and any friends or family to.

Saturday  18th June  – A BBQ open to all, incorporating a celebration of Marley’s 10th birthday with a cricket game at Dan’s parents’ house – Burnt House Farm from 12:00.  Please let me know if you plan to come for catering purposes (01449 674075 or email

Monday 11th July 730pm  – An update evening with dessert at Stonham Baptist Chapel – please invite any friends or family who are interested in what we are doing or have visited Hands or been on a team at any time. 

Speaking engagements:l
Sunday 10th July:  Forge community church, Debenham 10:30 am
Forge community church, Thurston 4pm

Sunday 3rd July:  Battisford Free Church 6pm

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!


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Visa update

Just in case anyone was wondering what was happening with Dan’s visa change,  we are still awaiting the outcome, 6 months on!!  Watch this space…..

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2016 Trip

This year we had planned to visit again In December.  However due to a very exciting event in the Catto family (Jen’s sister Beth getting married to Pete), we’ll actually be making our annual trip earlier!!   We arrive back in the UK on 16th June and will be there until 19th July.
Hopefully soon I’ll have a few more details and a calendar so we can book up some coffee and dinner dates.

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Last week I got to visit my friend Sara (that’s not actually her real name). Sara stays alone looking after her younger sister and brother. She’s clever, wise and has a great sense of humour. She also stays in a village where men prey on young girls like Sara. Of course in all of our places we work Men can be a problem but in this particular community it seems to be a stronghold – something that marks this village out.  Boys from the age of 14 – right through to men in their 60’s prowl around looking for girls to abuse. Most commonly it’s Men between the ages of 25 – 50. It’s terrifying. If I’ve painted a picture that makes this sound bleak and like dramatic it’s because it is. We’re not just working to help these girls but we’re also racing to get them before someone else does. It’s a fight.

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Swaziland last week





Last week in Swaziland I stayed here, with these two amazing kids and their Gogo (Grandmother).
Often on twitter, Facebook,  Instagram etc we use phrases like “these amazing kids” or “this beautiful family” and to be honest, sometimes it’s just to add words. Those phrases can often be cheap. I’m very guilty of this. 
However these two kids truley are  amazing. They’re actually incredible. I don’t think I’m able to tell you exactly why for a few reasons but I’ve not met many more resliant and gracious kids. They’ve experienced bereavement,  neglect and abuse that’s genuinely unimaginable.

I left this house completely broken, ruined, in pieces. I cried as I slept on the floor with them and on the way home. It still hurts to think of them but I do think of them daily. It hurts but it spurs me on. The most dangerous thing I could do is push them from my mind. I have to remember that as painful as it is, their situation is reality for millions of other kids.

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The second family we stayed with in Swaziland in a village called Msengeni – this Gogo cares for 4 orphans. You can see the beautiful little girl sipping tea – for a person like me who has issues with noisy eating – her beauty and cuteness was lost on me as she slurped

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This is part of the long walk to Bhandeni (an isolated village up a mountain on the border of Swaziland and Mozambique). You either walk for 3 hours or pay to ride on the back of a bakkie. Our kids (those that action attend school) walk down to school everyday, leaving at 04:00. Drug smuggling and human trafficking are a way of life here

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